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What We Ask of Flesh

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Blending biblical characters into a deeply personal history, What We Ask of Flesh tells of women through time, their spirits borne through broken flesh, through wombs and memories. The body becomes instrument as words explore the mystical connection between what was and is.

Remica L. Bingham addresses a woman’s sense of body graced with spirituality in its most powerful or most vulnerable moments in the collection...From the opening poem drawn, from the distant past, to the final three elegiac poems, which beautifully anchor the book to the present, Bingham pursues the female body in all its fierce beauty…with eloquence and urgency in a bitter sweet salute to those women who have paved the way for us all.   Colleen J. McElroy

What We Ask of Flesh, like the flesh itself, is full of honey and fire. It’s impossible not to feel called by these poems, summoned by their rich sound and vatic voice. Remica Bingham-Risher reckons with the big stuff: the complexities of womanhood, the problem of suffering, family, and childhood’s darker aspects. Every poem is uttered with fervor and a timeless sense of gravity and rapture. – Amy Gerstler




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All copies will be personalized and autographed.

One has the feeling reading Remica Bingham's book that one is encountering a poet committed to making a career of this business.  Her assured voice makes us imagine that she came to poetry fully formed and singing lustily such that it belies the achievement of this first book of risky, spiritual poems that can only enrich the poetic landscape. As we celebrate this new book, it is hard not to anticipate the riches to come from her pen. A most welcome debut.
 Kwame Dawes

"In Conversion, Remica Bingham charts a path that begins in the dailiness of our lives--our loves and losses--crosses the territory of human kindness and cruelty, and ends in a kind of salvation. These poems hover at the intersection of memory and a voice both tender and humane."
 Natasha Trethewey


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